Working With Long Samples That Contain Drift...

so i wanted to do some work using a dub riddim version, i tried a few ways an i really dont think its possible in renoise, im thinking the only real way to do this is to run ableton on another computer, set warp markers on it an slave it to renoise. once the tune is complete then i save the render in ableton an render multiple tracks in renoise, load up into a multitrack editor an combine them.

after trying to cut up the whole version into sections i also learned something.

when you deal with large sample it is best to copy an paste the instruments, an not the audio with the wave editor, reason being, when you use the waveeditor, it must generate undo data, taking a loooooooong time to get anything done. but with copy an pasting the instruments its seconds compared to minutes.
those minutes seem like hours!!!

if anyone has a better idea for doing this please please share this with me!!!

you can disable undo by unchecking the checkbox on the lower left corner of the sample editor

might as well disable the “save” function :P

This is done in the next edition. :P


well sadly to say i cant exactly do what i wrote above.

after talking with another fellow renoise user i see that the best way to do this is… well, the hard way.

of manipulating the pitch with the speed effects commands.

is there anyone knowing if there will be an audio track in 1.6?
i know we cant talk about this, but man im getting frekin anxious as fvck!
i know that once 1.6 is good an debugged i will certainly be making Full use of the new features an will mos likely finish all of my songs ive started since 1.2.81. i seriously cant wait… !!!