Working with plugin presets (.fxp/.fxb)

hey danoise,

could you guys maybe provide the part of your c++ source where you convert the song inline preset xml-cdata to a fxp and vice versa? Then I could convert it to lua…

ffx: You are aware that the xml-cdata is base64 encoded?

yes. but fxp is kind of weird, i remember that from vst dev. I don’t know what exactly is stored in that cdata, is it the parameters array or the actual fxp data already? etc. Hm, also I need to test first, if the active-preset-data gives me that cdata or not…

I’m not an expert on fxp/vst data ffx , but I would say…yes…the main body of the parameter data from the vst is encoded in that base64 cdata. You would then (possibly) have to tag on an fxp header.

Ok thanks! I will try that then and report for you guys here :badteeth:

FYI: I split the topic from here

It’s best to discuss details in a separate place, to make the API wishlist thread as focused as possible.

Thanks smile.png