Working with Renoise: adding MIDI output

Hello everyone,

I have several patterns. At one point there’s a pattern that features a new track that uses a Renoise bass sound. It goes one for a few patterns and I would like to add a MIDI output at some point in time to that track. But for what I can see so far, MIDI output is assigned to a track. So if I add the MIDI output for that track, it will start at the first pattern where that track is featured, and not later. How would you add a MIDI output to an existing track so that it does not start right away at the first use of the track ? Is it possible at all ? Or has the track to be duplicated, then the Renoise bass sound removed and then new patterns created that features this duplicated track with MIDI output ?

Thanks for any suggestions/comment.

Hi Mevla,

Let me start by simply summarizing how Renoise works regarding midi and tracks:

-Midi outputs are attached to instruments, not tracks. The channel numbers refer to midi channels.
-You can bind midi input devices to instruments and lock these instruments to specific tracks.
-The current selected instrument is always written to track. The registered instrument number in the track, triggers the instrument.
-Midi Master and Midi Slave signalling for synchronization is always sent if you have set midi devices to receive it, these options are song-bound. You can decide to include or exclude certain signals, but it’s either all the time or never.
-Whatever output options you have at the bottom of each track is audio stream related, not midi.

If you want to use a different midi instrument, the answer to that is simple by just adding another instrument in the instrument list and perhaps assign the same midi output to it but then using different midi bank/program options that you need to send for it to respond on it and then start writing notes into that tracks using that instrument, by having that instrument selected when recording notes into that track (If your midi device is multitimbral, it will support it).

I could have easily misunderstood the question,because the way you currently asked it, unfortunately doesn’t fit anywhere in how Renoise operates as described above, so if the answer i guessed you need doesn’t fit, i do suggest to take the operation description into account, fumble again with the different midi settings in Renoise with that info in mind.
If you are working with Renoise 2.8, have a look at the pdf manual for the info about Midi usage in Renoise. For Renoise 3.0, the manual is currently updated but not completed yet (the current state unfortunately does not yet include the Midi section).
If the above doesn’t apply at all, then i need your description given from a different angle.

Presuming you are doing midi out to a hardware synth and feeding the audio from that synth hardware back into Renoise using the Line Input, you can enable / disable the line input device via FX pattern commands, hence trigger it to come on at your preferred spot. That said, that could give you a pop as the device turns on so the simpler approach is probably to use a volume effect.

Thanks for the details. However, what I’d like to do can be summarized as: blend-in and blend-out of MIDI signal to an existing Renoise track that already has a Renoise instrument playing. I will try Brady’s (thanks) approach to use a FX although I hope that by FX it is not the flurry of numbers that are added manually to each note :) The beginner’s video (well done) has some of these at one point. I like like any other folk assembler programming, but in this case I’m looking to an easier way to add/remove MIDI output to a track.

I guess it could be done by replicating the track (the one with the Renoise instrument) to another track, assign a MIDI output to it and silence the Renoise instrument. Then that new track can be added to a pattern when MIDI out (a shadow of the Renoise instrument playing in unison) is wished. I’ll try.

The HW synth out goes to Ardour (Linux DAW). Actually, I didn’t knew that it’d be possible to record into Renoise. Well, after all this is the beginner’s forum ! :)

Forgot to ask about this. What is the URL for the Renoise 3.0 work-in-progress manual ? Is it availble before official release ? I’m using 3.0. - thanks.

Hey man,

you need to install a2jmidi (alsa to jack - midi bridge) first and then start it via :

a2jmidi -e  

Then in qjackctl (or equivalent) in the midi-tab you can jack ( ;)) the renoise midi output to the ardour input. I don’t know, if you are experienced with Ardour and Midi but if you are using plugins, I would jack the midi directly to the synth instead of using Ardour as a LV2-plugin host, because you should be able to get everything to work with Renoise and Jack. But of course YMMV. :walkman:

You can simply follow the link in my signature called “Renoise Official Manual”

Nice to see another Renoise/MIDI on Linux user :)/>. Cloning the notes to another instrument (and track) is probably the option you want to go for. Setting up a Renoise instrument that sends MIDI to an external device and getting the sound back into Renoise is actually pretty easy. These articles really helped me getting started: and Routing Devices - Renoise User Manual

If you think of Renoise’s tracks as channels in a mixer and each instrument as a midi device it all should make sense :)/>.