Worktime Counter (H:M:S Data per Song)

So, this seems like it could be a relatively simple suggestion to implement, but nevertheless one that I would find very useful out of my own curiosity. The basic idea is as follows: implement a “worktime counter” into Renoise, so you can see how many hours of work you’ve put into each track. What this would actually mean for the computer is displaying the time you’ve had a particular song open while Renoise was the program in focus + the time when Renoise was not in focus but it was currently “working”, i.e. either a song was playing or something was being rendered. This would exclude time when Renoise was open, but not the program in focus, i.e. you either were doing something else while you still had Renoise open, it was minimized and not in use, not minimized but still not in use, etc. Of course, if the above conditionals would not be possible, just having a counter to track the time a song has been currently open would be useful. In the program, I foresee this information being available in a “Song Info” button under “Renoise” in the menu bar, that would bring up an “About Renoise”-looking floating box with information including:

  • The title of song
  • The date the song was created
  • The date the song was last opened (excluding the current date)
  • A running H:M:S counter of the time the song has been worked on/open
  • Size of the song (in MB)
  • Number of samples used
  • And any other useful information about the song that might fit (this is where you come in)

Would you change anything or improve upon this suggestion? And is this feasible? I’m curious to hear peoples’ thoughts. And I don’t know about you other Renoise users but when I finish a song, I often wonder how much time I spent working on it, or get asked the exact question by someone else when showing my work around, and I’d love to be able to really—really—answer them. ^_^/>

P.S., 3.0 looks awesome, can’t wait to mess around in it.

Yes plz

I’ve suggested this too. But honestly I think it should be scripted since the need is quite specific.

I do not have nearly the knowledge of scripting possible to create such a tool, but if one were created, I would be very grateful!

nice idea, would be nice and interesting to have.