World Cup 2006 No Go Areas

In some counties an city quarters you are risking your life. so let`s point the out for a safer trip:

[edit] so far

Brandenburg esp. the rural areas

Berlin: Please avoid the quarter Marzahn

Postdam: Avoid City center and rural areas

Leipzig: Please avoid the surburban areas

Dresden: Please avoid the quarters Gorbitz and Prohlis.
The quarter Neustadt is so far safe but avoid the Pub St. Pauli Eck and eastern part of Hechtviertel

Avoid the area sächsische schweitz. It`s the base of sss (Skinheads Säschsische Schweitz)

Halberstadt in the areas Sachsen-Anhalt


Rostock esp. the surburban areas

Hamburg avoid certain quarters

Detmold avoid rural areas

Bielefeld avoid Steinhagen and rural areas

Gelsenkirchen avoid rural areas

Bottrop avoid rural areas

Dortmund avoid surburban areas

Braunschweig avoid rural areas

Munich (München) avoid rural areas and certain quarters

You may wnat to refer to as well.

[Edit to be completed]

Unfotunately theres a current misinformation. There are no go areas in the western part of germany, too [ref edit]. Ill continue this thread later on as I´m still gathering informations esp. of the so called national freed zones.

ok !
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why don´t you write one? Couldn´t be so problematic. Take ACA I like it loud (or the scooter version) as a template ;),…1991934,00.html

well your list is too long, i will just avoid germany :)

shit. but our economy needs you !

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