World Monger Game Main Theme


Here is my first song composed using Renoise 2.8 64 bits and the plug-ins from East West with their awesome instruments! It runs fine Windows 8 Release Preview in 64 bits.

This music has been composed for a Windows 8 Metro DirectX game we’re currently working on.

I truly love Renoise!!! Thanks for making this huge software! :)


David Rousset

Nice, intensive tone, well composed. I really must check East West plugins too.

Thanks! Yes, you should definitely check out their instruments. It’s a bit expansive but truly worth the price!


some very good ideas in this song. I miss more elaborated percussions (cymbals, timpani rolls, maybe snares). Also, the lower strings section seems to be missing (cellos, violas), at least from what I can hear on my laptop

Thanks for your feedback. I will try to integrate that in my future songs. I’ve never learn anything about instruments and/or composition, so I’m opened to your suggestions. :)

For the quality, it’s much much better with a good headset. :wink:


I’ve finally wrote an article about my experience here: :)



thanks for sharing the post. I have also shared it on Renoise usergroup on Facebook.

I am curently unable to view the video because it simply does not start, but it is surely an issue on my side (I’m currently under Linux so maybe this is a Silverlight issue)

Cool! Thanks.

My video has been encoded in h264 & WebM for HTML5 playback with a Flash fallback. It should works on Linux logically.


There’s a typo in the blog post title. It says “Word Monger” instead of “World Monger”.

Thanks for the typo. I’ve modified it.


my Firefox won’t play the video on Windows either. Chrome instead plays it with no hassle

My bad, the URL to the webm file was wrong. I’ve fixed it. It now works fine under Firefox & Opera.


Hi all,

I’ve upload the music played during the levels of the game:

Hope you will like it also. It’s meant to be played in loop.



Great track! I like the theme melody, keeps playing in your head after listening.

Good to hear that East West plugins works with Renoise nicely. Are there other VSTs than Symphonic Orchestra used?

Thanks! :)

Well, I’ve bought 7 sound banks thanks to this offer: DAW Plugins: Orchestral Instruments, Drums & More | EastWest

In those tracks, I’m using mainly Symphonic Orchestra Platinium (using several type of mics) - the brass sections. I’m also using some of the voices from Orchestra and Voices of Passion.

I’ve now got so many awesome quality instruments, I could spend hours playing with them rather than really composing. :wink:


I may be failing here, but it seems that you are not using expression parameter (CC#11), expecially for staccato strings, which to me seem to be played with maximum expression regardless of the velocity.

this causes a loss of dynamics (less difference in sound between the notes with accent and the notes without accent) and a bit of “machine-gun effect”.

apart from that, a good composition

Thanks for the tip! I just used the same offer. Hope iLok and 24 bit samples work without hassles. Couldn’t find any demo/torrent version to test this. I’m little worried spending 1000 € in software without testing, but so far every VST has worked perfectly with Renoise.

You’re probably right. I’m just a beginner and I don’t master yet every part. Thanks for the feedback then, I’ll have a look to this expression parameter! It looks like it automatically used when I’m entering the notes via my MIDI keyboard. But most of the time, I’m entering the notes via the PC keyboard as it’s easier for me. I guess, it’s then playing the notes at maximum expression this way.