Wormhole Audio

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very handy little application!
lets u route audio between 2 or more computers, allowing u to integrate renoise in ur DAW.
u can mix ur tune in cubase or logic or protools if u like. then i even saw that u don t even need need 2 computers thru a network loopback, but they write the latency would be worse.
i actually thought of this:
making my breakbeats in renoise and sending the audio to process the lot in logic.
then also use renoise to trigger the AU instruments like ES2 and exs24 via Mac OSX´s built-in network midi feature and record it as midi tracks.
so thru this i get perfect integration of renoise audio in my DAW and on top of it the wicked tracker programming for my logic instruments and the possibility to edit and arrange it in logic… :drummer:
of course i ll have to wait for the upcomming version with the tight timming.

This looks sweet! Cubase has always had this ability, but you could only do it with another computer running cubase, and it’s a pain in the ass if you have two different sound cards. This is perfect for some things I need to do. I’ve been looking for a way to get my new mackbok integrated in to my studio. So then I raise the question… is it universal (will it work on new intel macs)?

yeh! the latest version is.