Worst Forum Design Ever

i’m looking for a post i may have posted 2008/2009 but this stupid forum only shows recent ones, up until 2010. how can i see older posts? crap forum this

Advanced Search Icon in the upper right.

I can read your posts until 2008.

Just got to work the form a bit.

My only advice is, look for some ancient post, do not find it, get pissed off, don’t ask for help, post a complaint in an irrelevant part of the forum, fill up some more milkshake.

ok thanks, you caught my at a bad moment, i get stressed. i am a real person. real people get stressed :)

Try not to stress, it’s never worth it :walkman:

Long time no see. I assume you’ve heard all about your hero going to prison? Do you still have the t-shirt with his face on it?


Didn’t the old forum got hacked a few years ago?

context not found error.

nah this unsigned (as far as I know) ‘hard techno’ making guy from Devon, my gosh! didn’t know that kaza, no don’t have that shirt anymore.
but yeah, going off topic.
sorry for my outburst and making this thread, can’t beleive how many replies there’s been it’s not renoise related at all haha.

me too lol. although I am kinda unhappy as I don’t have a bottle of Frijj in front of me.

ok please some one talk about renoise now, mods are probably fuming at the screen now.

the check is in the mail.

So… Renoise… Um… I’ve heard it’s pretty good?


Quite a few details came up on SJ that haven’t made it into the papers and your infamous t-shirt did come up in conversation. Sure Grumble would of worn one the day he went to court if he thought he’d get away with it ;)

Maybe we should just move it to the Off Topic forum ;)

what has this got to do with SJ?

(SJ= steve jobs)

No: SJ = Another Forum :o

I know. Blasphemy!

I’ve heard that too.

This forum is so great i like to post on here sometimes. Maybe, i should even try out this renoise program they keep talking about, sometime?

no way. it might not be healthy!