Would Renoise Work On This?

800x480, it seems renoise would only work on it if it was able to do 1024x768, but then im not sure about the fullscreen option renoise has.

hmmm never mind, this one is soo much more attractive.

no, even in fullscreen mode, the minimum resolution is 1024*768

check out FlyBook portable computer.

yes the Flybook is so much more attractive, with all those extra ports,mmmmm
i dont think ive ever felt this way about hardware before . is it manufactured in italy? or did you see my edit from last night?

It has more than my Laptop has…

mine too!

huh I didn’t see your edit. I’ve seen that beauty (the Flybook) in a Computer store in an italian airport, but I don’t think it is manifactured in Italy.

It costed 2.000 euros there, but I’ve also found a special offer at 1.600 on a site.

This is really what I call a “portable computer”, which has everything a pro user needs, and it’s not that kind of handheld-which-do-not-phone, nor that kind of phones-which-do-not-compute.

Flybook resolution says 1024x600 pixels…

hmm damn i guess unless someone would want to tote around a monitor, your right.