Would This Computer Rock Or What!?

I´m going to buy a new computer would this be any good?


Totally rad! :P

Although, I remember going nuts about CPU speed etc back when I was a ‘real’ geek, now I’m not thinking in numbers any more, rather what can be done in the future and how super-awesome that would be, hehe…

The guy makes a very valid statement in the middle of all the “whoooa, check it oooout”-commentary about how “nothing stays ultimate”. Nothing does, exept Super Mario Bros 1, Tetris and Sonic 3 & Knuckles. :D

whatever video i try to watch… screen will only go blank, however any other (non-video.google) video source works properly…
is there any kind of special browser plugin needed?

(i’m on IE 6.0SP2, also no luck with Firefox 1.5)

Its a macromedia flash content so you probably need to install flash player.

from looking at the source it seems to say that its a swf an that its macromedia flash player 8. i guess it also uses js in some way of indexing key frames. thats a cool idea!

well … flash player is installed since i installed this OS. i’m also able to see the anims on renoise.com, which also utilize flashplayer, if i’m not mistaken.
this video.google thing really puzzles me - i can see the thumbnails of the videos and when i click the play button it will also play for a few secs, terminating with a message to click “here” in order to see the full video… all “normal” until then, but whenever i follow the hint of that message, a new window will open, something loads for a second or two and then… nothing happens - i just stare at a blank, white page with the video.google logo on the upper left corner.
same goes for my secondary PC.
strange things happen…

it’s exactly the same i get here too everytime someone posts one this d*** google videos. i always go: " :rolleyes: no, not again…"
i have flash player 8 installed.
when clicking on the preferences link on the blank google page supposed to hold the video, you can select which location you’re from. though it says that non-US people can ignore this settings and just leave it at 94043, i guess it has something to do with that.
since you’re from germany too… ???

yep, germany here!
where are the others from? they can’t all be from the US, or? puzzlesaway

Maybe you guys need to get better computers, like the one in the movie. :lol:

OMG 128 megs of RAM :blink: :unsure: i want too i want too :dribble:

Worked fine for me (Sweden) using Firefox 1.0.7. Flash Player 7 is what I’ve got installed.

I lose track of what’s the fastest/best thing out there in the PC-tech-world as soon as I’ve bought a new computer and just start using instead of following the development. ;) What would be the “ultimate” computer today in terms of CPU-speed and memory?

Works for me here in england, Firefox 1.0.7 and Flash Player 7. Could it be it doesn’t work with 8?

I’m from Belgium.

Firefox 1.0.7 & IE6 with Flash Player 7 : no problems to view the video’s (on 3 different machines)

so here’s the solution to my problem:

this message appears since today when trying to access video.google from german ground.
at least i’m certain now, that it’s not my PCs problem.

found the video from another source than the discriminating google video ;).
so all german fellas, here you go.

it’s a p2-300mhz, 66mhz FSB on an Asus i440LX based motherboard with 128MB SD-RAM clocking at 66mhz. it’s the first intel chipset to feature the AGP interface. there are also some 4 and 9 GB SCSI HDs installed.
nice PC… would’nt even suffice for playing back divx video without suttering nowadays. ( i know my 2nd PC, a P3-500 katmai stuttered, which was then exchanged for a P3-866 coppermine doing it all fine ).

LOL - well. As I tried to run Renoise on my old 233 MHZ K6-CPU, I guess, this baby will definetely RULE with renoise (as long as you get Windows XP running…)

sigh - At least for FT2 this system was more than perfect…

i saw pics and movs about that game on E3. and with all these graphical FX,
sounds and layouts there is still the only demand on you as player like it was
back in the days … e.g. PONG! (look at M.Island/ incredible machines)
… they only want to accommodate the demand on visual “stuff” -
gfx-card sale-out (youknowimsayin).
they have to pushing forward the innovation and not the superficial gimmicks.
for e.g.: remember the game uplink?

btw: thx to keith303

Some contrast to the today’s ultimate gaming machine…

Wonder how the following video will relate in about 8 years from today:

your right Vvoois, with holographic storage and optical circuits on the horizon, hopefully 10 years from now we will remember back to the time we didnt have zettabyte holodrives. an then of course the alpha-male discussions about our yoctosecond latencies. :D i can’t wait!