Would you be interested in sharing some instruments?

Yo what up persons?

Been wondering if you guys would be interested in share some renoise instruments, as im without any of them and would like some piano, strings, sax, synths, etc

Do you have some that you wouldn’t mind sharing?

There are lots of free instruments and resources on the download section that people already has shared.
You should definately check it out, it’s all free and lots of good ones: http://forum.renoise.com/index.php/files/category/2-instruments/

What i do is sample sounds as many as i can from like VSTinstruments or whatever i have. The rest (and that is a lot) you can find with some googling samples of wav format are everywhere, search for free audio samples etc.

Mostly i use single samples as instrument and that is way easy with the build in sample editor of renoise, you can experiment till you have a good sound.