Would You Compete In A Renoise OHC Compo?

Well I’ve had this idea some time, and had in mind to start it. But no idea if there won’t be any competitors :)

If you think some of the poll answers are strange, that is just because I made exactly the same poll at http://www.ctgmusic.com :)

How would it be structured?

With a specific samplepack of some kind, or could we use any of our sounds as long as the .rns is within a certain filesize?

And I would assume you would only be allowed to use built-in Renoise DSP effects, VSTs?


More info about how you think it might work would be cool :)

Ah, well… :)

I had in mind to use samplepacks like another OHC. But you had a nice idea of using your own samples - as long as it’s below a certain filesize. But probably samplepacks to begin with.

And Yes, only the built-in DSP’s - No VST’s. VST’s only make things complicated.

I posted this to see if there are any people who are interested. If there are, I’d make some more detailed rules. But it would probably run as just another OHC but Renoise as a tool.


Cool. I actually kinda like it when there are restrictions on things, like a certain samplepack to use. It seems to help somehow because you’re forced to make the best of what you’re given I guess? But perhaps the option to use X amount of your own samples as well. Just a little something to make your entry a bit more unique. And there should be some kind of restriction on how much you can add to it, maybe a maximum of 500kb extra or something? Maybe less/more? I dunno. You can figure out the specifics :P

But yes, this sounds like it could be interesting to take part in. I haven’t really entered any short limited time compos like this before, perhaps only once or twice before I think. It would be fun to have a Renoise-based one.

I’m also curious if you’ve got any ideas which day of the week it would happen on, and around what time (GMT)? Those are both quite critical factors for being able to take part. :)

“Making the best out of you’ve given” - well, what can I say… It should be the tagline =) Not sure if I like the idea to include your own samples. Maybe something to think of a bit later. With Renoise you can use the effects to transform the sound into something else = “unique” :)

However if I start this, it will probably begin with a simple samplepack. The idea of OHC’s is that the transfers should go fast. So only small packs… Imagine later, in the voting process… When all the songs are in one .zip… And I guess some people are still on modem. So, to begin with, we should keep it simple I think. You can make a whole song out of a 1 kb sample if you wish :)

But I have actually already begun to experiment a little. I’ve handpicked some samples, everything from small hats to nice looped strings. And, especially in Renoise, all this have the potential to sound really good! I made a little demo out of these samples, a whole song (completed arrangement) but only one pattern. So if I start this, I have the prerequisitations ready for at least one compo.

There are small details which is not thought through yet though. Like, if the competitors are allowed to use the tracks I’ve created in this demo (containing all the samples) or if they must start with a blank new song. But there is no command that deletes only the tracks in Renoise as far as I understand. And no, I have no idea on which day in the week this should be run.

I have never run a compo before, but I might get some information -how to-, at #outpost - I use to compete there every sunday. They run the old school formats, and I think it would be cool with a new generation OHC tracking compo. :)