Wow just wow ( cpu measurement )

I am playing the dblue "tension "demo song , looping at patter 20
on a desktop pc , a decade old Intel(R) Core™ i5 CPU 760 @ 2.80GHz , with 8 gigs of ram
Versus a 4 year old top of the line dell latitude E7470 laptop , core I7 -6600 @2.60Ghz 2.80Ghz , 16 gig of ram
Both are using asio drivers set @512 samples , using the roland integra as audio interface .
Both are hovering around 20 % cpu …
Measurements when using vst instruments are roughly on par .
Who would have thought that ?
I can buy this laptop from my brother but I think I am going to pass ,I was expecting a better erformance
Any geek techs who can clarify this ?

the architectural advantage of the i7-6600U get’s eaten up by the following:

  • it’s only a dual-, not a quadcore like the older i5.
  • it features way smaller caches (L2 + L3 are both half the size compared to i5-760)

the demosong you mentioned takes advantage of up to four cores.
over here, a looped pattern 20 is hovering at 18.5% with two cores and 13% with four cores enabled.
(enabling more cores will give no further benefit, as it is the case in most situations with renoise).

p.s. don’t get confused by the taskmanager suggesting the i7 would have four cores. those are logical ones. that’s two physical + two virtual (SMT/HT) cores.

i’d say the performance relation you observed between both CPUs, is just as expected.

apart from renoise’s performance, i can only recommend against getting ANY kind of dual-core for nowadays workloads. especially if that dualcore is 6 years old and a mobile one (lower clocks due to lower TDP).

btw, just for reference:
Intel I7-5820k @4.0GHz peaks @14.0%
AMD R5-3600 @4.1GHz peaks @9.6%


Thanks for the insight .
I am just amazed that there are 5 years between the launch of both cpu’s with such a marginal difference in performance.

The passmark benchmark shows a difference of 1000 points .
2500 for the i5 versus 3500 for the i7 , altough the difference in renoise is negligible .
Will do some furter test tommorow and see jow fast it craps out after bombarding it with some tranzistow instances