Wow Look at this !

Ok i just Found this amazing software i just tested it in renoise and works great. Basicly this is a Vst/Presets manager at the same time he manage all your presets but in addition to this all new presets of other users are uploaded and updated automaticly to you and categorised in several way.

Enjoy !

Hi, you did not leave a link for people…

On another note, "it looks interesting, but for me: When I am playing music, I really don’t want my plugins constantly interacting with the internet. " I have demo’d a few of these um… Ohm Force’s studio, and some other weird thing that allows you to create melody with people… I forget what it is called… I have also demo’d the new online installer from xLN studio, and I hated it… So I do not even have their free piano installed… I’ve demo’d a lot of the plugin alliance stuff… I find the plugin alliance installer to be invasive and buggy… But their stuff is really good, so I have a couple of their freewares…

I dunno, I am very picky with these, “let’s connect your music info, to our music info on you,” and maybe later we can grab some coffee… Whatever…

I kinda like the idea of Zen - browsing through sounds irrespective of which synth is the making them but I’ve tried it a couple of times and found it to be a bit crash happy on my system.

So it also sorts on free/paid plugins or just the plugins you got or something?
Really cool!

I had the same issues running on a Mac, it doesn’t always work if you switch between different VSTi’s.

It is a great idea though and I hope it is developed further, I use the Korg MS20 plugin a lot and having to load in sounds in banks of 32 at a time is a right pain, with this I can have my entire library available very quickly. Maybe DAW developers should incorporate this kind of functionality anyway, imagine this kind of sound browsing built in to Renoise for Samples and XRNI…

Me neither, but then, it sounds like they’ve thought this through.

I might give it a try.

Once it has downloaded all the presets for your VSTi’s it is not constantly going online. Also worth noting that the communication is one way so presets that you create are not uploaded, it only downloads new presets that the developer adds.