Wow Renoise What A Refreshing_prog:-)

:yeah: i have been using trackers for years, started with Octomed/Fast tracker+Bars & pipes+ & many others, infact i still have my amiga & Atari :wacko: , hahaha then kicked it all into touch ,for playing live with shed loads of different bands up & down England & in & out of Europe. but i have just recently started up my old Home studio, So mi mate sends me a link to the Renoise page, soon as it opened to the main page i started laughing to myself… so i read the info & decided to download the Demo, then i fired it up, First impression, Wow “this looks well set out”…then i started to play around with it throwing allsorts of kaos into it & it just kept going & going & going , then suddenly it Hit me, Jesus this is the tracker i have been waiting for donkeys years, Yeeee r r r R R R… of course i still need to pay for it as yet, but even runing this Monster in Demo mode, is stagering. :dribble: :dribble: :dribble: hahaha anyway i liked it so much i have built a Vsti synth called Fr33-Noise-Box i will be posting a link to the site very soon so Renoiser,s can Dload the synth, Free of charge & yes its been tested in Renoise, Works a treat :D its designed for leads & Bass great for D&B/Elektro. . . . . . Cheers Oto_ed, :yeah: :yeah: :yeah:

welcome to the wonderful new world of tracking, octoe_ed !
glad you made it to the next level, hehe.
i think you might owe your friend a beer or two!? ;)
hope you’re gonna make some serious UNZ ! :D

ps. and now gimme that synth already ! :w00t:

Hahaha Cheers, 303Keith… i have seen your Movie & heard your music , well cool Bruv, i will be posting a link shortly just doing a few little tweaks ,

wELCOME … :drummer:
sYNTHEDIT VST :unsure: ?

Oh snap! I can’t wait to check out the free noise. :)

I too have been a strong believer ever since I opened this god forsaken program.