Wow What A Program!

now i am getting deeper into this beast, i am thoroughly impressed with its capabilities!

just wanted to share my elation with the programmers. what an instrument! i wish i had picked this up earlier.

thanks for having the vision to push forward with this project. i must also say that with the price tag where it is, i was very much tempted to buy until i did. i also recommend it to my friends because its affordable.

renoise rocks!

spread tha love.


what’s a renose?

your nostrils going in circles

i thought it was something plastic surgeons did

Nope, it’s a technical term of the misunderstanding surrounding translation of the norwegian expression “smell den igjen”, which reasonably translated means “slam it shut”, hereby referring to an object with the ability to close with a bang (e.g. door etc). This phrase directly translates to “smell it again”, on this forum referred confusingly to as renose.

Ah, OK