Wrap Remainder

a ‘wrap remainder’ render option like in fruity would be handy…for creating loops…

Isn’t the record quantization and the render to sample option enough for creating loops?

yeah, they’re good functions, if you play the loops inside renoise, inside tracks that have delay and reverb…

but i mean creating loops you play in flash etc, if they’re very dry it’s ok, otherwise it’s nice to have the remainder mixed into the beginning (remainder=every sound that’s heard after the last pattern has finished=reverb and such stuff)

with some effort it can be done by hand, but…fruity does this for you…g…just suggesting…

I usually use the following trick to achieve this:

Add an empty pattern to the loop you want to create with reverb.
Listen to wich row the reverb or delay stops being audible.
Narrow that pattern-size to that row then copy the amount of rows from your loop-pattern to the new empty (and arbritrary sized) pattern.
Select the two patterns in the arranger then rightclick and select “render selection”
Done, now you have a loop with the full reverberation into it.