Write Protected Vst Path Warning

Hey. Renoise likes to warn me that one of my VST paths is write protected. Now, I’m a pretty intelligent person who puts portable VST’s in my portable (writeable) path and non-portable VST’s that come with installers in the Program Files VST folder. I expect programmers to do their job right and put files where they belong, and if they don’t I don’t want their plugins anyway.

So, how do I remove this warning? I shouldn’t be warned about doing things exactly right.

Which OS are you using ? Could it be an issue with win7 UAC system? For example, I am obliged to run Renoise as administrator on that OS in order to avoid insufficient privileges errors

Are you? You shouldn’t be. (I’m not).
But I don’t get the OP’s warning either so can’t help with that.

I’ve had terrible problems just like this, until I finally gave up and decided, "I will run all my music daws with full admin privileges…

left click on your Renoise desktop icon… properties… compatibility

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Edit = on second thought, you probably already know this… but I leave the post in case somebody else comes along, has the same problem, is looking for the fix…


The thing is, I don’t have a problem. If vst programmers does their job right, write privileges to the program files folder should not be required as data will be stored in the system’s roaming application data folder. The non-portable plugins I use works perfectly that way, my portable plugins sit in a different folder to avoid problems with privileges.

I do not intend to disable UAC because I test a lot of software and want to know when applications requires administrator privileges. I do not intend to move my non-portable plugins to another folder. They follow the set guidelines for storing data so I shouldn’t need to. Everything works, zero problems. I just want the dialog gone that implies I did something wrong.

Most plugins (even many newer ones) don’t behave “right”, and finding out which ones do and which ones not is far from trivial. Some plugin may seem to work, but then can’t save their preferences and so on.

But yes, you seem to know exactly what the problem is, so there indeed should be a way to get rid of this dialog. Can’t offer you a workaround for now, except changing the permissions of the VST folder even though this seems not to be necessary in your case.

Actually, it isn’t that bad. My experience is that the “big” commercial plugins tend to get it right all the time, and I have a rule to only use free plugins if they’re portable (so they go into a different path anyway). I understand the problem here, a lot of VST programmers don’t do things right, but I still think it’s very important to give people like me who knows exactly what’s going on the freedom to configure things the way we want to. If a plugin fail to store its preferences, I’ll know exactly what is going on. Maybe disabling the warning could be a nice option in Renoise’s settings.

Maybe the next version?