Writers Block? Improvise

I was just watching Frank Tedesco the other day. He just improvised and the result was absolutely stunning.

I am still blown away.


THis is how i work most of the time but i play my tunes on the pc keyboard and muting unmuting with the mouse and stitch parts on the fly.Other people like to use the mouse for everything.Its all about getting in the mood and getting resultes without too much thinking

I don’t understand how that recording technique works. He plays in something and then decides, if it loops forever or not? And then switches instrument channels? I guess this is Ableton then?

It’s Boss RC-505, he basically records his playing into loops and then switches between them, mute, overdub etc. I guess you could do this with Ableton and controller like Push or some looper plugin like Enso in Renoise too. But it’s much more immediate using hardware. That’s why I switches to hardware grooveboxes lately. The ability to improvise on the fly is really inspiring.

I wish Renoise would get some sort performance mode in the future, which would make it feel more like hardware in this respect.

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Beardyman is using Augustus Loop, which seems to run in every DAW that supports VST usage.


On the “Writers Block” subject I was recommended an interesting video a couple days ago:

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