Writing A Score From An Rns File

I don’t write very often a support request, so be kind :)

I need to write a notation score for some of my songs.

Since I’ve been told by pulsar that ReNoise 1.5 will only import .MID files, while it won’t export to .MID, I need some info to print a notation score of my songs.

Is there a freeware combination of software capable of doing this?

I think that I need a virtual MIDI port and a notation editor, right?

Hi It-Alien! :rolleyes:
I think MIDI export could be a great idea for Renoise 1.5! Maybe some issue will arise when handling Automation, VST and so on, but just to build a score it is not important, so maybe it could directly convert a RNS into some other notation software format, like Finale or Sybelius; the simplest and most practical thing to do would be to build a MIDI file containing only the notes and eventually their velocity derived from Renoise volume values.

I hope Taktik will hear this topic… B)

maybe you can use hubi’s midiloopback or something similar.
then just exchange all you instruments into midi-instruments, and use hubi to loop the midi-out of renoise to the midi-in of cubase or windjammer or something, record that midi-file and then use some notation-software ?! I dont know much about this, I just guess this thing with the hubi device should work …

Sorry Looza…
what is hubi’s midiloopback and what does it do?

It´s a kind of virtual midi cable which lets an application corrospond with an another.

Hmm guys, It is asking for FREE solutions ;)

What about modplug tracker… doesn’t it have midi in and out. And the demo version of Sibellius allows printing and I think it doesn’t have a trial period.

Lilypond is a free (as in both beer and speach) notation typesetting program,
with LaTeX-like syntax. I’ve heard it’s quite good, and I think there are tools
to convert a midi file to this format automatically, so you wouldn’t have to learn
much unless you need to perfect the score (assuming you do some kind of
midi recording first).

Read my post in this thread for one explination how it would be possible to export an rns to a MIDI-file ;)
MidiYoke/MIDIOX works with WinXP and is also 100% free. If I do not remember it wrong hubi’s midiloopback has some problems under XP, but I mayve remeber it wrong… ;)

thank you very much guys!

just to enlighten you about my request, I need to write the socres of some of my songs because a score is needed to register the songs to the italian artists mafia :ph34r: (also known as SIAE, “Società Italiana Autori ed Editori”).

This registration is needed because a progressive-rock journalist has heard my songs downloading them from my site and he wants to send them to a couple of important elite music distributors for an opinion.

I really don’t know what to say about this… I’ve never had any thought about people buying my music… who would ever spend money for it? :blink:

Also, I don’t like the idea of stopping the release of my song for free on my site… :unsure:

I don’t know… we will see what will happen. :huh:

At last, a couple of interviews will be published, that’s for sure, and of course in all of them there will be the ReNoise name written in capitals :yeah:

Eh, I guess that is some kind of copyright bureau…? Then it sound very stupid of them to just accept scores. Think about music that can not even be written in scores, like industrial music for example, that is more built up around sounds than melodies… in sweden we just send in a recorded copy to the bureau. Sounds much more smart to me…

yes, indeed I knew it was the same in Italy: I remeber I’ve seen the SIAE site some years ago, and they stated they just need a recording of the song.

I’ve checked the site again 2 days ago and they just mention scores.

Well… maybe it’s better I place a phonecall somewhere.

Italy is Italy… :angry:

Here there is the policy of making everything as complex as possible…

It-Alien: going to be famous?? B)

ohh I really don’t think so…

the journalist talked about some recording labels such as Cuneiform and Materiali sonori; actually I have a CD edited by Cuneiform (one of the CDs by Deus Ex Machina, a crazy italian progressive rock band whose lyrics are in latin…!! :o ), but I don’t think I’m going to be famous, if ever I will manage to publish something.

On the other hand, I think it’s better to keep my music freely downloadable instead of seeling 1.000 copies of it.

I think you’re right, btw it’s something that makes you feel proud about yourself and your music…

I had a couple of Cds of Deus ex machina, but I listened to them 3 or 4 times in my life… don’t like them…

well… actually, seeing my music sold in a well-manufactured CD can make me proud, ok, but having to stop distributing music for free won’t make me prouder.

Since the time I’ve started using ReNoise, the popularity of my music has grown a lot (10,000 download in the first 35 months of downloads counting, 5,000 downloads in the last 8 months…!! :o), so after all I think that my music has some value for people, and I really don’t want to let them lose that value because of a bunch of copies to sell… but a million of them instead :D

That would be a nice question for a poll… so I’m going to add it in the offtopic page.

uh! do you have “De Republica”?! I need it badly :drummer: :rolleyes: