Writing Chords With Fx Column

I came across a thread where I saw that there’s a feature in Buzz which enables you to write chords without using many note columns.

For example you want to write this chord:
C-4 E-4 G-4 B-4
Normally you’d need 4 note columns. With that feature, tho, you can write just:
C-4 47B
The note C-4 is the root note. 4, 7, and B are in the fx column. They stand for: 4 = 4 semitones from root (E-4), 7 = 7 semitones from root (G-4) and B (hex) = 9 semitones from root (B-4).

IMHO it’s kinda cool. And it takes less space.

In Renoise it may be set differently, something like Cxxx (where xxx are the additional notes in a chord).

I honestly don’t know if I’d use it a lot, but it could be a fun little feature to have.


I’d buy that for a dollar!


Yes please Mr Devs
(but only if it worked when ENTER-stepping through the pattern for tweaking the chords)

I don’t know if you mean what I mean, but I made another thread on live playing and recording of chords, which should make writing chords faster than by entering numbers in the fx column manually.

Serious necrobump, but a chord effect which would take the same inputs as an arp effect could be very useful still! Even if it could only do three note chords, so like “C47” for a standard major chord for example

Can obviously use phrases, but a chord effect would be much quicker and easier in use for cases where it would suffice.

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I like this implementation, great idea. Using phrases for Chords is not practical, you can’t bulk load chord sets and you then can not use phrases as they are intended. Would be a different story if you could phrases within phrases.

Bu the Buzz way of doing chords is quiet genius, I hope taktik considers this.