Wrong *.raw Format.


renoise 1.5 and 1.8 can load Modules (Amiga raw format). But if i try to load samples in raw, renoise load them as 44100/16/signed.

Is there a way to load them correct? (8/unsigned/mono)?


You can right-click upon the raw sample and then select “Load file with options” from the context menu.
If you click the “Set as default” checkbox, it will be stored as default in the import preferences.

I love you ^^

I see, i must read the new manual. lol


Nothing is a must… but if all users would ask everything that seems pretty clear in the docs and constantly have to be copied 1:1 to the forum, then i will start copying IT-Alien’s signature.
But we’re still in Beta and access can only be reached through backstage so there will still be backup on the forums about documented questions.