G’day !

Am currently exploiting some rinse junglist tune that
occupies me mind the last few weeks …
But as this track has passed my ears for at least a few thousand times
by now, I’ve completely lost track of the actual sound … if thou gettest
my grip here … An ear much alike yours would help a LOT.
And I MEAN a LOT :)


Despite the corny vocals I feel quite happy with it but without
any doubt, all feedback is most welcom !

Listening to it right now.
Intro: :yeah: yesyes :)

Main: Uhm. There is something you are filtering and you could compress/limit a bit because it jumps out of the flow like a spike in my ass :P Find the bastard at 00:47… that’s the same sound popping out 4 seconds before…(00:40 - 00:44 ) and again the loud spike strikes at 01:20-01:21…
But what do know, if you like screaming filters that could be fine… I’m not much into it so I don’t know if this is any “standard” in this style :unsure:

Bridge: :yeah: Dark vocals leading to tha supa-fat-bass-filtersynth. I can dig that :P I would love the track to explode after this synth rather than having the beat just “fading in” again…

Main2: Check for some killer spike out of that filter again…

Ok I’m not into this style too much… but I still feel that there is something wrong with the EQ of your bassdrums.
Follow me for a moment and remember I don’t really know the “standards” you find in different styles…
To me it sounds like the only bdrum you’re using it’s the one in your groove-drumkit… the beat you shredded.
Now I think those “old-school-flavoured” beats are there to work in the “middle” of the frequencies spectrum…(mostly snares but a good share of hats too). I know there actually is a bdrum… but it’s so “sub” that it’s quickly gone under the bass… so much that it sounds like just a synth’s “pop”.

Note that this time low freqz are behaving at the places they are supposed to… with the bass… and synths… noises… effects…etc… so in the end I really have the feeling like you just had the b-drum tracks switched off when rendering this :P :)
But again… what do I know… I don’t have a real knowledge about junglistik sounds… :drummer: and this might be a normal EQ landscape for such kind of tracks… :D

Man, you are pretty consistent so far. Nice track, good production value.

The only thing jungle in here is maybe your breaks selection, but the way you cut stuff up falls into breakcore (eerily vsnares style), not jungle… I’m sure you knew this. Cool baseline stuff happening at the halfway point. Good track over all, no complaints.

Saved to iTunes up in here.

i’ve been into jungle since about 97 and i haven’t noticed anything wrong with the EQ of his bassdrum.

i love the breaks and the overall feel of this song

my only criticism is that the bassline synth is a little weak, i mean it doesn’t sound really very vicious if you compare it to hardstep or neurofunk styles. it could also use a little more variation and also i agree with parsec about " I would love the track to explode after this synth rather than having the beat just “fading in” again…"

:P Glad to hear that :)
It’s evident that I’m unfamiliar with this style… or probably my ears are used to all another eq… anyway, Botb that means your track fits the requirements, I guess :D Thumb up :)

Cheers guys !

Ofcourse I have excessively listened to the track myself
and I came to the same conclusion that this thing needs to
explode somewhere … yeah … !

I’ve been messing with that EQ for aaaaages and though the
broken beat/jungle/breakcore/wotever feel is somehow present
I too feel that this track could mayhaps settle with a more punchy
stabbin bdrum … However … fark… it could also imbalance the tune
totally so uhm … I’ll gently look into that

Again, thanks for the feedback guys !!
Very much appreciated !! :)

pretty good as always :)

but the drums are little too soft to my taste… Some punchy snare here and there would be good IMO :drummer:

thanks :)

And THAT was one spot on piece of advice … pumped up the notch
of the beats and yeah … ! It makes a lot more sense, I feel like it is
not slowely growing in the back of me head


reuploaded under same url for those interested btw