Wusikstation V1 $9.95 Deal

I have just seen this deal over at KvR via this thread:


It is for version 1 as version 2 is out now (at $99 what I believe V1 was going for at one time)

Jumped on this one myself and thought I would pass on the news over here.

Will report back how I get on with Wusikstation in renoise for anyone who is interested.

First impressions:

Really good VSTi, lots of usable presets, good evolving sounds, basses and a couple of housey piano presets in there.

A couple of the presets wouldn`t load for me in renoise but that seems to be due to using the multi out version. Not had this prob so far with other version so believe it was related to this, though will report back if any probs found.

All in all a well spent $9.95 for me :)

Good, useful VSTi for current price. :guitar:

yeh, recommended.

i bought it in a groupbuy for like 29.95 i believe.

there’s also allot of free banks over at KVR in the WS section of the forum.

but 9.95 is a total steal !


Hehe, that’s like a kebab without the sprutbæsj! :P

(don’t ask)

Anyway, purchased it just now, this will be nice!

Bought it too :)

Not only because its good but also as a statement that cheap prices should pay…If developers sells huge amounts when they have low prices they migh lower prices on their other products to sell more…

@Ledger: Thanks for the tip, purchased it right now. :)

Glad this was useful to some others. :)

@ Splajn, The reason William K is selling this VST at this price is as a sort of loss leader. He is hoping that people who take advantage of this offer will follow some sort of upgrade path or purchase addons (hoping being the key word there).

Have to agree that I like the idea of lower software prices in general and hope that companies like wusik etc do continue to push prices down with offers etc but at the same time the VST market is fairly limited in customer base (i.e. law abiding computer muso`s / engineers) so I can understand why prices may need to be kept at a certain level. Though as ever more competition is good for us buyers :)