Comp-name: 32bars.tst

Tempo.BPM: 145-162
Key: Eminor/Gmajor
Required.SMP: arcticSMProll.wav
Positive.SMP: onlyrDRM.SMP
Negative.SMP: atmospheric.SMP
Event: competition.CMP/collaboration.CLB
Begins: 11-24-12 12:00 AM (pacific time)
Ends: 12-26-12
Duration: 32 days

all competitors mus submt following form

Character name:
Theme music:

forms must be submitted by 11-23-12 12:00 AM

[Example form]
Caracter name: FauxBOTfox
Race: robot
Class: Observer
Professions: watcher, decoder, translator
World: Erectopia
Faction: The Purge
LVL: 12
Theme music:

In this comp you have 32 days to submit your best 32 bars to be selected and combine into a complete song. Create a character to play as. Start at any level. Be creative. This is all in fun.

Winner controls and judges next round. Positive and negative points are used to deternine overall judge score plus a poll to determine overall score. Judge score counts as 25% and poll counts as 75% of overall score. Winner will also recieve experience points used to level your character and upgrade abilities and special items to use in future rounds.

I’ll judge the first round since I’m starting this thing.

Let’s take it from there and figure out the rest later.

P.s. i’ll include arcticSMProll.wav in a bit. I’m posting this idea from my phone so I’ll have to get to a computer.

WOW I thought Mutant Breaks was trippy! :D Keen to see what this builds into! :walkman:

This should be fun. I think of it something as an RPG. I wanna give it a few test rounds before i call it a start. Maybe after that everybody will have to start at LVL 1. I’ll be giving out all the special items (drops) and experience points for now. Maybe later on i’ll let the winners create their own drops to be given to the next winner and so on. Drops could be anything from a sample roll to the ability to use a (free) vst or a dsp chain. Again be creative. EXP will be given according to placement of the competitors. (Ie: first place gains the most exp)

I also think it would be cool to have avitars of your character but that’s a whole different story.

Ha ha. This seems interesting. If I have time I’ll try and contribute.

I want a quest.

Episode 1: The Test Quest
In this quest our heroes must find the missing peices of the crystal disk in order to unlock one of 2 secret chests found at the bottom of The Collabsed Cave. The disk has broken into 9 peices scattered throughout the cave. Once all 9 peices are rejoined the group may pick which of the 2 enchanted chests to open by placing the disk above. The players will be rewarded items and be given a new quest based on which chest is opened.

One of each 9 disk fragments are found in the following parts of the cave.

Entering the cave (Intro)
First encounter (chorus1)
Crossing the chasm (Drop)
A moment of tranquility (Verse1)
Second encounter (Chorus2)
Crossing the river (Bridge)
Rest and regeneration (verse2)
Boss fight (chorus3)
Exiting the cave (Outro)

When… or rather IF you make it out of the cave. Bring me the items from the chest so that i may inspect them. I will return the items to their rightful owners. But first i must study the items to find out why all of our worlds disks have been destroyed. Besides, it is you mighty heroes which are risking your lives to get to the bottom of this.

Heroes farewell on your journey. Watch out for the cold-hearted ice lizards. Their frosty breath may lock you frozen in the depths of the collabsed cave for all eternity. Be safe.