Xenovoid - TheBellows

(TheBellows) #1

Drum and Space anyone?

(stoiximan) #2

That was very very nice.Well done my friend

(TheBellows) #3

Thank you stoixman, i was a bit afraid there was too much happening in the song making it sound like a mess to most people. I’m concidering making the drums a little less spastic.

(stoiximan) #4

No no mess in this song it sounds full.Maybe share the file so i can study on it?

(TheBellows) #5

I could share it, but it uses quite a few VSTs, but they’re all free VSTs you should be able to find somewhere on the net.
I am working on it atm though and imo i have made some improvements, so i’ll upload it separately to compare side by side soon.

(orrigans) #6

This is awesome! There’s a lot happening but in a good way, keeps it interesting I think. Hell yeah, great work.

(TheBellows) #7

As always i get a bit carried away, so i ended up doing a lot more than i had planned. I think i prefer this last version, but i’m not sure. I keep forgetting that i should stop using Soundcloud, so i made a little video for it so i could post it to youtube instead. It’s actually mostly made in Renoise by recording the phase view while manipulating a ringmodulator. :stuck_out_tongue: