Xerxes - Directions Ep

Howdy fellas!

A new 5 track EP on my site is up. All done in Renoise… and actually one of them in Renoise 2.7 :)

Cheers from .no

I wonder why no responses for such lovely album…


Woa… gonna have to check this out…!

Klaus, I love it! Super slick quality like always. Question: what made you title the second track “Doctor Awesome”? :D

great ep! really cool to see familiar names from the forums on there, was not expecting that!

@vV: good bumping. i need to get active in the Renoise Song Forums a bit more, people really deserve the attention.

Great pack of tunes in the usual outstanding quality.
If i were to pick a fav, it had to be “Music for advanced Children”. The depth and drive of the tune is just amazing and the style is so distinctively YOU.
All tunes are sonically mastered near perfection. i don’t know who Jonas Kroon is, but he obviously did a splendid job. (even though i assume that the source mix was nicely balanced already)

Thanks for posting this here, Klaus!

Jonas Kroon - Her Er Eg (Xerxes Remix) superb, best track.

Such a nice EP! Liking it a lot here at work. Doctor Awesome is… pretty awesome.

uhh, cant wait to buy …
Really nice cover!!!
ar u still working in Renoise?

Wow, thanks a lot guys for such amazing feedback! It is much appreciated; and to be honest - I think it is some of my best work here - so I am happy with the result. I did get, as Klaus points out, help from some really wonderful people. Jonas is a composer and mastering engineer of world class. He makes a living doing sound for theatrical movies and commercials in Norway - and for this EP he used some very very expensive analog hardware. Dag Spant, who made the album art, is a really cool guy who I sent a fanmail a few years back because of his awesome work. Then I got a fanmail back from him and we started talking about doing something together, which we later have. So when I asked him permission to use his photo for my EP; he was very kind about it :)

And ofcourse, greetings to the master of all; the Renoise DEV team. Everything here was done in Renoise except post production :)

Thanks guys!

Hi Klaus,

It’s been a long time! This EP sounds great as usual, I love it. :)

EDIT: Wow, Directions is really something special. Lovely!

Oh, just read this announcement. I am Really looking forward to fill my room with these Xerxes-sounds right now! :)

Can i ask wich instrument you have used? Samples or any vst plugins? ^_^

Greaaatt album!! :D love it

Thanks mate :) A little bit of everything actually; the most used shortcut in Renoise for me is CMD-ALT-CTRL-R (record to sample)… this gives me samplecontrol over most everything, and allows me to treat instruments with the power a tracker gives you. Having said that, I think the most used VSTs are Omnisphere, Sylenth1, Massive, Zebra2 and Absynth.


Edit: Also, the new sampleslicer really came in handy for a couple of these songs, so the release of 2.7 beta gave me a ton of inspiration ;)