Xerxes + Romeo Knight + Bendik

Our gig from frankfurt, Germany this easter. Except for one song; 100% renoise composed ofcourse.


Cant see video, but it sounds good

Long time no hear Cream of the Earth…
One of the first songs that opened my eyes how to use a tracker more creatively.

Hey Xerxes!


I really love your previous gig video from Breakpoint, so this one has to be great as well.
Getting a drink, placing the chair in front of my screen, turning the volume a bit higher and setting myself into chill mode :D


Nick, Easily Embarrassed

Awesome, enjoyed it very much :)

How’s that TI working for you and renoise?

for live I play it via audio output, and not midi. and it does not work in plugin mode in renoise - that is why i was hoping it was somehow possible to open it up in cubase - but control the midi and triggering etc in renoise. :)

Amazing gig!

Which is the track which is not done with renoise BTW?

the new romeo knight track was (as far as i know) not made using renoise… (last song before the encore)… thank you for kind feedback :)

I saw the gig on the BreakpointTV-Stream and it was so f-ing awesome!!!

Great performance by you, RK and Bendik… :)