Xf00 / Xf01 Dirty Internal Effects On & Off Mash Up

keith303 mentioned an optimising trick in the thread for ‘slow cpu users’ using the xf00 / xf01 commands to switch effects on and off,… that ended up not being an optimising trick :) since Renoise autosuspends cpu load whenever there is no input.
I’ve read about these commands before but never used them creatively, like some kind of gating device, switching effects on & off on the beat. Today I did some toying around using only samples, internal effects, commands & automation, and have uploaded an example.


The experimentation is pretty dirty & all over the place, phase /volume-wise.
Most plugins have send sliders you can automate to get similar ‘gating’ results, but the commands enable you to quickly program them in on the beat.

Thumbs up.

(it’s funny now “glitch” is now seen as the standard mashup reference, before BufferOveride was what everyone was refering to… Man, I just discovered Heizenbox yesterday… woaa!!!).

yeah its a nice feature in renoise, ive used it in every single song.
break/mute/thru, snapshots and peer commands like in buzz and all will be fine.
thank you jonas, for sharing your experience with us.

Nice trick, but how do you mute the Track DSP if you want to then?

“Nice trick, but how do you mute the Track DSP if you want to then?”

by using the Xf00 / Xf01 commands. X should be read as any number 1 to …(?) depending on the effect you want to control. Xf00 means the effect is turned of, Xf01 it is turned on.

So if a delay unit is your third plugin in a track you use 3f00 & 3f01.

These same commands in another channel control the third effect unit on THAT channel (if there would be any), so the commands are track-channel sensitive.

I guess the correct word is mute and not switch, so if you for some reason want to mute the effect completely (in trackDSP) it can’t be done, since you keep unmuting it in the track!?

Maybe a check button in the DSP, to override those pattern commands, if you want to suddenly take control manually, would be a good idea.