Xfer Nerve VST problems in Renoise


I’m an owner of Xfer Nerve, and like to use it sometimes for it’s Swing Functions. When I try to use it in Renoise, I come up with a couple of issues.

1- I can’t seem to load samples from the renoise file browser into Nerve.

2- if I get a kit loaded via Nerve’s “load drumkit” menu, Nerve will not play the pattern I make in it when I start the renoise sequencer. Typically, with Nerve in other DAW’s, it will begin cycling through it’s 16 step internal sequencer as soon as I hit play in the DAW. No need to hit a play button in nerve itself, it just cycles in sync with the host.

Please help if possible. I would love to be able to generate swung little sequences with Nerve in Renoise :yeah:

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Have the same problem with Nerve!

Did you manage to solve this?!

Can’t drag samples from renoise browser into Nerve, correct. Not sure why, but that’s just how it is. Also can’t drag samples from Nerve directly into Renoise instrument panel, unfortunately.

As for the sequencing, disable auto-suspend on your nerve instance and you’re set! You may want to route the audio to a particular track, otherwise Nerve’s output will go directly to master.

Cheers! This is what Steve at xfer said as well so probably its right! Will try it this evening!

The routing is right too, will make it alot easier when it comes to mixing. Thanks for the reply!


Xfer Records Nerve v1.121 doesn’t work correctly at home under Renoise v3.01 :frowning: I can’t enter my serial number in the window, why ?

Thank you for your help,



I can’t enter my serial number in the window, why ?

Make sure the plugin is not bridged/sandboxed when you try to register it.

Make sure the “Enable Keyboard” option is set in the plugin’s window.

If the plugin does not seem to remember your serial after entering it, then try running Renoise with admin privileges.

Nerve 2 will be a reality at some point, but I don’t think it’s going to be released soon. There seems to be a beta of nerve that has a resolution independent gui and a few new features though.

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