Xfer Records Cthulhu

Did someone manage to run this Plugin within Renoise?

How does it work?

Unfortunately, plugins that output MIDI are currently not supported.

even with other vst hosts?

well i might ask sugar bytes for a solution ;)

All I wanted with version 3.0 was MIDI plugins, realtime “warping/timestretching”, to be able to change the number of ticks in each track, and easier triplets… Insane update though.

Replying to an old topic just in case anyone needs to know.

Pretty simple to set up. Add in Cthulhu as an instrument on a particular slot (e.g. 00 or 01). It needs to be the VST version, Cthulhu will give you a warning if you use the AU version and you’re on Mac. Click the Plug icon next to Cthulhu so it goes into the plugin settings. You’ll see a section for MIDI Routing. You can select the midi routing so it sends to another instrument, e.g. serum, massive or other instument plugin, or to a sample/renoise instrument.

Turn off the cthulhu tone generator and you’re good to go. Just remember to play notes into cthulhu rather than the underlying instrument, it should also be possible to record midi back from cthulhu so you can adjust the outputted notes/ transpose some notes for progressions etc, but i haven’t played with that yet.

should look like this: