Xi Instrument Sample Extractor, Where?

Does anyone know a program I can use to batch extract samples from .xi instruments, I have heaps of drum sounds in that format and I just don’t like it that I cannot really edit or use them any otherwise than in Renoise.


I assuming you mean .rni yeah? The older Renoise instruments that were replaced with .xrni.

There is the XRNI Ripper which will do .xrni but I do not know about the older .rni. All you can do is try (if you haven’t already.) Or maybe it wouldn’t be an unfair request to incorporate into the program. Or if you save the instrument again in 2.1 it will probbaly convert to .xrni for you anyway…

EDIT: Link


No I mean .xi, I got some old folders full of samples and they are in xi instrument format.

btw. nice link

-Stuff your XI in an xm (either using a tool or just drag and drop in a windows tracker that supports Xi and save the .xm)
-Load your xm in renoise
-save as Xrns
-Use Bantai’s Xrniripper to rip all instruments from it.

Maybe one of the tools here can do the trick : http://www.soundtrackers.de/convert.html

Wow, thank you. I even used to have that cross conversion tool.

Vv had a good workaround, but mebbe a bit too much hassle when it can be done with single executable file. :)