Xm Format (ft2)

  • Will the official version of « Renoise v2.0 » play correctly the XM Modules ?


Obviously I am not part of the Renoise team so I cannot speak on their behalf, but in my own opinion the focus of Renoise has never been XM (or any old mod format), nor should it ever be. Renoise is not a multi-format mod player that is focused on accurate playback of old formats. We are lucky that Renoise can even load XM in the first place, allowing us to convert our old songs for remixing/remastering/reworking/etc., but we cannot expect the developers to spend their time on perfecting playback support for these old formats. I don’t want them to waste their time (and my money) on this! We must look to the future, not the past. If you want perfect XM playback, use FT in DosBox, or use XMPlay (which is pretty perfect as far as I can tell), or any of the other players which have been developed.


XRNS is also an open format, so feel free to make an .XM to .XRNS converter that converts effects “properly”

and also feel free to post detailed bug report about what’s wrong with your XM modules; if taktik thinks that it is easy to fix them, he will surely do.

as about the “we look to the future only”: yes, this is quite true; actually, I could have spent lot of time reporting tons of XM bugs as I did to XmPlay’s author during FT2 golden age, but I won’t.