Xm, It, Mods On A Portable Music Player?

Is there an mp3 player along the lines of an iPod that reads and plays tracker files?

Or is there a way to mod an iPod to play those files?

Maybe installing Linux?

there is a version of linux for ipods, however since i havent bought into it, i dont know much except what ive read. in order for you to play modules on it, someone would have to compile a player for it.

but whats the fun of just being able to play a module, when you could get a pda that you can use to Edit them?

if i were you, you would get a pda. :D

Yeah, and while you’re at it, why not just get a fully fledged minilaptop? :P


Yes, I was thinking about the Linux-on-iPod option. Really my goal here is to be able to do it on a Shuffle (now it seems even more ridiculous, right?)

The reason for this is because I have about 2000 mod files of Chip music that total out at about 150mb. It would be the silliest thing ever if I had all that on a Shuffle.

Now, on to look for a Linux app…

i run rockbox on my ipod and i have been wondering this same question … a quick google search revealed this page ( http://www.rockbox.org/irc/rockbox-20040506.txt ) which was apparently an irc log of some people asking questions to the developers of rockbox… here is what i found out:

04.15.48 # Has anyone put in any thought into sequenced music support?
04.15.56 # .IT for example
04.15.56 # sequenced?
04.16.06 # …
04.16.23 # MOD, S3M, XM…
04.16.28 # SPC, PSF ^^
04.16.42 # no idea.
04.17.39 # ravenworks: read the NODO
04.17.51 # we can’t reprogram the decoder chip
04.18.07 # midk: think of a midi, but with samples instead of instruments
04.18.29 # an entirely new format?
04.19.13 # an entirely old format :P
04.19.26 # oh
04.19.28 # well i have no idea
04.19.41 # And, yeah, I was worried the general-purpose CPU thing wouldn’t be enough to do it on its own.

i did a similar search to find out whether the ipod linux supports it, but i couldn’t find any info. but it sounds like it’s not possible at the moment :(


If I had the means, I’d be working on this right now. I think amongst the Tracking community a player capable of handling MODs would be huge.

Anyway, I searched around and found this player called MikMod for Linux:

I’m not too sure if it would run in iPod Linux, but I will try it later on with my “antique” 5 GB 1st Gen.