Xm To Xrns ?


I would like to know if a tool exists allowing to converting .XM format to .XRNS (Renoise 2). In fact, I wish using my old XM musics keeping effects XM and improving its on Renoise 2 :slight_smile:
Why ? Because I composed very good musics with FastTracker II but the sound quality isn’t here. I know with Renoise 2, I can fix & improve sound quality !

If no one tool “XM to XNRS” exists today, is there a coder for making this converter tool please ?

Thank you & Greetings,


It does exist. It is called Renoise. It can load .xm and save .xrns.

Basic tool is not that hard to write, yet some effects may be pretty hard to port, as renoise 2 has totally different structure of song playback.

If you are willing to pay me/gather enough money, I could write this tool. I need to analyze the work involved to give estimate pricing.

i played little with one of older free versions and it looks like first fine tracker of new generation but as many old school tracker users i’ve got many of data in old trackers formats. well i have two possibilities: learn something totally new (ableton live?) or try this little beast (i love trackers, it’s more favourable for me).

i have old data in buzz tracker (jeskola) format and another data in real tracker format (not well known but good tracker from 90ies), i know that structure of song saved in module/song format is not too complicated and problem is with native instruments/effects etc. and what i’m searching for is easy converter of structure (just “note-events” if i can call it like that, without effects or maybe only volume/panning/note-off etc - basic effects similar for most trackers).

is some easy possibility? or some little converter? has someone similar problem? -
i used buz mainly as player of samples - complex textures from sampled layers of sounds.

thanx for eventual help/answer.

xm to xrns?

here’s a howto:
start renoise
open the .xm
save as .xrns

Hello syflom,

I started Renoise, I opened a .xm file, I saved as .xrns, I opened .xrns file but Renoise 2 doesn’t show & doesn’t play the effects correctly :frowning:




Forget about old format support, import the stuff that you want using the current setup, you can in some cases toggle the slide/glide options in the song properties to behave like XM, but that is pretty much it.

The rest is up to the musician to correct or update.

Either that or start from scratch or edit in Fasttracker using a dos-emulator like DosBox.

Enough options to reach what you desire except the option “let Renoise fix everything for me while I sit on my fat lazy ass and do nothing” ;)