Xml Schemas for Renoise files

If you need more info about the document XML structures or want to validate your generated XMLs, you should have a look at the Schemas for the new formats:

XML schemas are available for all three major formats (XRNS, XRNI and XRNT). You can find them

  • In a folder called “Schemas” next to the Renoise.exe (Windows)
  • Inside the application bundle in Contents/Resources/Schemas (OS X)

They are auto-generated so the might be a bit hard to read though. Let us know if you have comments, suggestions to improve them or to make them better readable.

Schemas for the Renoise Clipboard content are currently not available, but are mostly sub components of the Song XML file. So the pattern clipboard content is just a subset of the PatternTrack node. If the format is still unclear and or you would like to have Schemas for those contents as well, let us know please!

A small bump. The schema “formats” have been updated in Renoise 2.1 (just for Renoise 2.1’s document verisons) and do reuse complexType definitions now. This makes them a lot smaller and hopefully also useful for other tasks than plain validation.

Please let me know if anyone needs the older schemas also in the new format.

An example: Here is the latest RenoiseSong.xsd: 539 RenoiseSong15.xsd.zip

Can this be done retroactively?

Versions 4, 9, 10, and 14 are all still pretty huge.

I use these in XRNS-PHP, and that directory alone (all the schemas) takes up over 12 MB.

Yes, it can be done, but this is quite a big bunch of work for me. So if its just about saving some MBs, I would recommend to run the NRenoiseTool XSD optimizer over the existing old XSDs. If someone needs them for other purposes, I will do convert the old ones as well though…

Hi Taktik. Are the XML elements documented in a document somewhere, or should I be referring to the schema and example files? I’m writing a tracker filer converter of my own so I can load songs into Renoise and it would be great to grab a .PDF or .doc file describing the XRNS format if one is available. I realise the main file is a Zip file containing samples and an .xml file etc but I’d like some more details on what the individual elements are. Most seem to make sense to me but some may not… Thanks.