[Xrni] Casio Sa10 Drums

Here’s something i’ve been working on last year… Dug up my old Casio SA10 from the basement to have a bit of fun with it. And what’s more fun than to sample it for use with Renoise?

The result is a .xrni containing all of the drum, percussion and FX sounds the little SA10 has to offer. I went a bit overboard and used a tube preamp in the process, which is probably not the most clever thing to do with cold and digi-noisy PCM synth sounds, but I still like the results.

So, without further blabbering, here’s the link: Casio SA10 drumkit (3.07mb)

I’d love to hear your comments, even criticism if I made mistakes or fuckups etc.

Also, I really dig the idea of having a separate xrni subforum. I think it would be a much more convenient go-to-point than some external site.

thanks for that, and it would be really great if these XRNI-efforts continue, and eventually get their own subforum.

I have some more stuff around, just need to check for completion and pack things up. If it doesn’t feel like my work is utterly pointless, I’m happy to share of course.

your work will never be pointless, and will always be appreciated. in fact, i’ll make some XRNI-section to my Renoise Cheat Sheet (check out my signature for a link if you don’t know what i’m talking about) just to show you how much i care. that way, until we get a dedicated subforum, my Cheat Sheet will be the place where all of the XRNI’s can be found in one place.

Yeah, that sounds pretty cool.

Thanks! I like the Wadaiko sounds :)

Yeah, somehow they have this Photek Ni ten ichi ryu vibe to them. ;)

so, i was thinking about this, and i made a mistake. i can put all of the effort in making a xrni collection, or just ask you to upload your xrni to loopproject, here: http://www.loopproject.com/xrni.php
i completely forgot there is already an xrni resource :) saves me work and gives you instant gratification!

I like it, but sadly I can’t contribute my selfmade XRNIs there.

Here’s the problem, maybe someone knows a solution?
I registered, and I uploaded an XRNI. Everything seems ok, the XRNI is visible in the personal file manager area, and it’s possible to download it from there. But when I try to contribute the XRNI to the public, the drop down box just tells me “no .xrni found in your File Space
Maybe some problem with the stupid pluses in my username?

Personally, I like the idea of a xrni collection in the forums better anyway. Same account, you can easily tell something about your work, comment/reply more easily, and on top of it, it’s more central to the renoise site.

I like the renoise Volkswagen bus on the loopproject front page, but in all other aspects I’m with you.

a start would be if anyone putting their xrni in the forums would make their title in this format: ‘[Xrni] Casio Sa10 Drums’.

you can edit your title by editting the first message and clicking ‘launch full editor’. if you agree with me that is :)

Done. :)

How much of a pedant do I want to be…

Reason to have it at the start of the title is your eyes read that bit first so you know at a glance it is a Instrument, rather than a tip or technique.