[Xrni] Casio Sa10 Piano

It’s me again with another xrni sampled from the cheesy old SA10 by yours truly.

This time you can grab a piano xrni which was meticulously sampled key by key. Since that’s clearly overkill, I’ve also done a smaller xrni with only six multisamples rather than 32.

The use of this cheapish piano sound is debatable, however, it has the power to convert any piano midi into what sounds like a cheap keyboard’s demo song.

So here are the downloads:

Casio SA10 Piano Large (6.57mb)
Casio SA10 Piano small (1,24mb)

And if you don’t like the surprising sensation of downloading and trying out an instrument, you can just check out a short sample tune created using some Schubert midi:

Casio SA10 Piano Demo mp3 (240kb)

I have also sampled the drum rhythm and “super accompaniment” stuff which is not exactly xrni material but drum loops, so let me know if you’re interested in that stuff as well.

Have fun and let me know what you think.

nice, will check it out later when i have time. and way to go starting your title with [Xrni] ! :)

Thank you! B)

I think the drum loops would be fun to have, just to have, really.

The more .xrni, the merrier! Thank you ICB!