.xrni filename not overwritten on new sample loaded

To reproduce this bug simply load a ReNoise instrument into a sample slot then try loading a .flac or .wav in it’s place, the sample will load fine but the filename will remain for the .xrni name. tested on ubuntu-12.04 32 bit.

Did you selected the “Sample” type before saving or what is exactly the problem?
Is the extension not corrected or does the filename prior to the extension change?

Here’s what I bet is happening:

  • Switch the Disk Browser to the Instrument category.
  • Load an .XRNI instrument from the browser. Notice that the filename text field gets automatically populated with “SomeInstrument.xrni” (or something similar).
  • Now load a .WAV or .FLAC sample from the browser (but do not change categories). Notice that the filename text field does not get repopulated this time, and instead remains on “SomeInstrument.xrni”.

Well, this of course may seem weird, but it’s actually intended behaviour. If you have chosen the Instrument category, then only loaded .XRNI instruments will populate the filename text field.

On the flip side, if you change to the Samples category and load a .WAV or .FLAC sample, then the filename gets populated with the sample’s filename, but it does not get repopulated when loading an .XRNI instrument while in the Samples category.

Overall, if you wanna load instruments then switch to the Instrument category, and vice versa for samples.

Perhaps it is better to not display unrelated file-types for the selected option. Else what purpose does the [.] button still have?
The convenience of being able to load all compatible filetypes seem to only cause confusion here when saving has to be done. Or automatically swap to “sample” type when a sample is loaded, in that way non-sample files are not accidentally overwritten with undesired changes.

ahh i can see the intended behaviour, never thought of it that way… so its not actually a bug, i should have researched this better before posting as a bug, but i will find one lol … i actually like testing new betas but Renoise is a beast as i havnt mastered it yet :)