Xrni Instrument Walkthrough

Hi all,

As some of you already know, I generally don’t use VST instruments, but prefer to make my own sounds via xrni synthesis (loading in waveforms as samples and using overlapping sample maps).

Recently I’ve been bitten by the music making bug and have really been getting into it. Thus I have started making some new instruments for personal use.

Since I’m a friendly person ( ;)), I thought I would share how I made one of my sounds (it’s a synth pad). This example does not use ReSynth or any other tool.

In the attached song you will find four patterns, each playing the same notes but with a different instrument. Each instrument is the ‘next step’ in my method of working and each pattern has a comment explaining what changes had occurred from the previous.

My main top tips:

  • Don’t overload the filters within the xrni (unless you are going for a specific effect), watch your sample volume levels.
  • If you duplicate a sound, take 6dB off of each samples volume to maintain the same overall loudness.
  • If you detune and pan widely the same sample, you can emulate a chorus effect.
  • Tiny amounts of LFO and / or white noise can have a very large affect in making things sound ‘analogue’.
  • Don’t expect to make great sounds instantly, just have fun, you’ll get quicker as you get more experienced.

As you will hear, with a little bit of effort you can change a very ‘chip’ ear piercing sound into a nice pad :)

Download xrni synth pad walkthrough


hey mxb ! excellent tip here, especially the chorus/unison fx !

btw is this this chorus effect that the “super” button emulates in your cool resynth 4 tool ?

Hey, thanks! No problem with sharing knowledge :)

The ‘super’ button is slightly different as it emulates a supersaw oscillator. This can have a similar effect (detune and width (= pan)), but is done slightly differently.

Great stuff! I experimented with something similar on the weekend after discovering a huge folder with hundreds of single cycle waveforms that I never did anything with. First thing I made was a nice thick warbly bass pad sound (which can be heard on the track I posted in the song forum). I’m gonna have a lot of fun with this!

mxb, do You still have this file somewhere?

( venturing into old nice tips forum posts… )