XRNI Instruments

I’ve just tried Renoise and am considering buying it.

The only thing that’s holding me back is instruments that are ready to go.

I would love to have natural sounding piano, strings, etc. This piano sound I found is not very good at all, but the type of sound is the closest to what I’m looking for. I couldn’t find any natural-sounding orchestral strings.

Are there good instruments included with Renoise when you register it?

Is there a company that sells ready to go XRNI instruments?

(Probably most of the issues with this instrument are lost by the compression I had to apply in order to make it small enough to attach.)

Puremagnetik had plans on adding XRNI to their release format list. This was at the 2.7 release. To me it seems like their enthusiasm has faded somewhat. Maybe the demand / sales have not been what they expected… Anyway, there is a sampler of the puremagnetik instruments availlable for registered users in the good ol’ backstage. I’d consider them pretty nice ones.

I know there’s loopproject for community creates freebies, but I’ve personally never used it…

Looking at the puremagnetik site, does anyone have experience working with the EXS format puremagnetik seems to advertise as the general format for all target platforms (renoise, structure, kontakt, halion… Etc.)?

Yeah I have, EXS like most sampler library formats is just a patch file that stores key mapping, velocity layers, envelopes, etc and AFAIK is always accompanied by a folder of multi-samples that the patch file refers to and assigns in EXS24. I think you would need some version of Logic installed (I have express 8) or they may be accessible via the Garage Band library if installed:

Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Logic/EXS Factory Samples (or whatever the puremagnetik pack is called once installed)

Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/GarageBand/Instrument Library/Sampler/Sampler Files

It’s then quite easy (if a bit laborious) to copy these AIF and WAV files to a new folder, drop them into a new Renoise sample slot and start setting up your own key mappings, layers, envelopes, etc.

I have used the same process with Cakewalk Dimension Pro as the library has excellent samples but the plug-ins patches spoil them with unnatural sounding envelopes and settings. You can produce great sounding XRNIs for acoustic and orchestral sounds with this method, especially since Renoise added velocity layers to the sampler key mapping screen.

DISCLAIMER!: I have NOT downloaded and installed any Puremagnetik EXS libraries myself and used this method successfully so obviously wouldn’t guarantee that this will work, so please don’t blame me if you decide to make a purchase and it doesn’t work! (but there is no reason I can think of why it shouldn’t) :D

Wait. Have you seen this? I’ve not used it, but shouldn’t this automatize the process you describe?

Oh cool, yes I’m sure it would but I must admit I don’t really go in for the tools much. Plus, I kinda like doing it manually as it allows me to customise the instrument to my liking.

Sounds familiar! :D i’d go as far as to say that renoise users are generally speaking leaned towards the DIY side of things, making them a bit hard target for “ready-to-play” instrument sales. Debatable, this is. I also like to build stuffs from scratch!

But to keep in topic, the extra fileformats tool I linked couple of posts above might give some relief to OP. I’d advise testing it with some instruments.

This is not an direct answer to your questions but maybe worth if you didn’t notice this with your test run.
It is not too difficult to make your own ready to go instruments.
With Renoise you can make your own instruments from Wav’s and propably other formats are okay too, use “save instrument as”.
I suppose sounds you love are available in Wav or some other format.

there is a quite huge sample library which comes built-in with the registered version of Renoise, but I don’t think you would find it useful for classical music composition, since it is mainly composed of electronic instruments and drumloops.

personally, I have bought EastWest Symphonic Orchestra (there also was a reduced “silver” version available for free, but I think it was a time-limited offer which expired) VST plugin, and I am fine with it. Of course it is quite costy but it seems that the current worldwide crisis is forcing them to promote this plugin with time-limited offers quite often.

a cheaper (and lighter) alternative is Garritan Personal Orchestra.

although generally a good source for sounds, don’t expect to find orchestral sounds on Puremagnetik. As others said, there is a tool which allows to import other formats in Renoise and it is very useful (EXS24 is supported, to name one)

this song available to download as XRNS also, has some good orchestral sounds and you can also have a nice look at how to use them by looking at the patterns

The http://www.loopproject.com/ site is very good. lv got a few drum kits off them and they are high quality.

I really do think that if you want orchestral sounds you do need a fairly sophisticated VST, and even then they are not really capable of creating a convincing solo instrument.

That East West VST recommended above is pretty cool, my girlfriend uses it and it always impresses me.

I may be off topic but I think you will find it useful, free VST with www.dskmusic.com - if you like what they do, be nice enough to tell them so ;)

I have some my old yamaha a sampler cd roms …flying around somewhere …hug collection of keys + strings …brass drums …synth and all that …gotta find it somewhere …And then convert …if possible