Xrni Load Fails With Samples That Contain & In Their Name

Attempting to load an XRNI file that was a SF2 converted with Extreme Sample Converter, and sample filename in the SF2 contains &, fails to load in XRNI.

I’m thinking it’s because it can’t handle the & as it’s XML and & is illegal? Is there some fix for this? & translation or something after getting the files out of there? Or treating the filename as CDATA so it can be &?


Renaming the xrni to .zip, unpack it and then load the XML file into a text editor and replace any “&” with a “_” character?
Afterwwards also zipping it again and then renaming back to .xrni.


XRNI files are .ZIP’s just renamed?



throws the switches in the lab


This could maybe be a good tool to make as a first one in lua to learn some things perhaps.