Xrni -> Sf2 Converter


I am looking for a possibility to convert Renoise 2.8 XRNIs to the SF2 format. I would like to load the SF2 then to my Korg M3 and then save it as bank file.

I am working under Mac, so I try to use Windows Soundfont Editors using Wine emulator. Creative’s Vienna SF Editor 2.4 will not start in Wine. That’s way I am also looking for Vienna Soundfont Editor 2.3, but I cannot find any file to download in Google.

Any ideas?

Hm, I tried to use the freeware “Viena” (with one “n”) for Windows, but sadly it does not support auto splits for presets, only for instruments.

I would like to use the original Creative’s Vienna, but it requires a soundblaster soundcard. I remember it can be fooled by placing a dll of the soundblaster driver to the program’s directory…

I would tenderly love it if I could just drag and drop/load soundfont as if they are xrni within renoise. I have a deep admiration for soundfont.

right now i use dsk sf2 player but would like to just load soundfont how they are into renoise.

I mean the opposite, xrni to sf2 export. Renoise is really a nice soundfont/sample mapping editor, it would be so easy if we could export to sf2. Ok, I looked into the soundfont specifications, and it looks like very complicated stuff.

BUMP …just to see if anyone found/made a script for this since… :D would be awesome!!!

Yeah i know the SF2 and XRNI formats have a lot of different/mutually exclusive features, but converting a file would at least give us something to start working on =)

(and yes, both viena and vienna are not-too-bad-ish sf2 editors…)