Xrni sounds different in Redux

I use Redux mainly for instruments that use a lot of CPU to render it to samples and i just came across a problem that the instrument sounds different when i play it directly in Renoise compared to when i play it through Redux.
Try this instrument, it is just one single sample stretched in texture mode:
Grain Pluck 1.xrni (688.6 KB)
It sounds quite nice in Renoise, but when i load it up in Redux it doesn’t sound very appealing at all.
Edit: I play the instrument at 180 BPM and 12 LPB, it will sound different in different speeds.

How is this so? Is there way to fix it?

It’s not just because beatsync is on?

Of course it is, i just thought i’d mention it as it would probably sound very different with other bpm/lpb settings and maybe not made a good example of that i was trying to show.
I just don’t see why it sounds different when beatsync is on in both Renoise and Redux.

To me it sounds like when i play it in Redux it beatsyncs to a whole different bpm/lpb or something as it seems elongated. I notice when i lover the beatsync value it sounds closer to how it sounds in Renoise (I found that 19 came the closest), so i’m pretty sure this is where the problem is, but shouldn’t Redux be a slave to the BPM/LPB settings in Renoise?

I don’t use Redux. Maybe someone who does can chime in.

The VST protocol doesn’t have LPB timing, so it’s hardcoded to 4 in Redux. As running Redux in Renoise isn’t really a common use case, we also don’t do anything special here.

We could allow changing the “global” LPB in Redux - somehow - just for the sake of compatibility in such instruments.

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Ah, of course, it didn’t even cross my mind the LPB is just a Renoise thing. It would be handy to be able to manually change this.
I haven’t used other DAWs in ages, but how do other DAWs deal with this? Aren’t there any way to change the amount of steps inside one beat? Do they only deal with BPM and sequencers?

Anyhow, it would be nice to be able to get the same LPB in both Renoise and Redux. If this is a feature that has no influence on other DAWs, then i see why it’s not a feature, but doesn’t this mean that any beatsynced instrument would have to be synced with a LPB at 4? I mean, if you open an xrni, that contains a beat synced to 8 LPB, in any DAW, wouldn’t it play at half speed?

A solution to my initial problem though, could be to add the feature directly in Renoise, i mean the way you are able to bump any VST instrument to samples is very handy and i’d say it would be equally handy if you also could do this with a a regular Renoise instrument as well. This would allow us to bump even xrni’s containing VSTs, which is jot possible in Redux. Some of my xrni’s are extremely cpu intensive so to be practically able to use them i must bump them to samples and doing it manually takes forever. This is the only reason i use Redux as i can’t get my arse out of Renoise. :smiley:

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