[XRNI] "Unbelievable Snare"

Unbelievable Snare

I went poking through my sample library because I wasn’t satisfied with the snare I was using in the song I was working on, I kind of wanted an acoustic snare, and I also wasn’t satisfied with the snare in Drummica and I wanted samples anyways so I could do Renoise-y things with them. So I went looking to see what I had and holy shit I had no idea I had this, these samples are really good.

It was part of a pack I got from here:

Infinite Acoustic Drum Samples
Since the download link in that forum is broke’d here’s the collection on my dropbox
Infinite Acoustic Drum Samples

Just tons and tons of acoustic samples in there, a lot of them quite mediocre, which is why I overlooked them for so long.

Anyways, the XRNI isn’t anything incredible, doesn’t really use any R3 features. I batch-trimmed the silence off the end and created the velocity layers, and that’s all I did. Oh and I also set the overlap to random. There’s 10 samples per velocity, so this XRNI will play a random sample from whatever velocity section you play.

I used the Z3 folder, which according to the Read Me is the folder with all the mic’s (overhead, bottom, top, and room).

If you download the big pack, it’s under Snare Samples>Unbelievable Snares, and there’s 4 folders, each folder a different mic setup. You might want to poke through them for your own use. I think Z4 (the room mic folder) is worth checking out, has a totally different sound. And of course the big pack itself is huge and filled with acoustic samples of varying qualities. But this snare pack was definitely my biggest find in it.

I also was unable to determine the original source for these samples. The read me doesn’t say, a google search got me nowhere. I think one of the ultimatemetal.com forum users must have recorded them and shared them, because outside that pack I can’t find any evidence that the samples exist.

Sounds pretty good.
I have removed the modulation set, set all samples to one-shot and NNA to continue for a more realistic effect btw…

Unfortunately all links to Erkan’s Sample Pack give a 404 error.
Any way you could share it somehow?
By the looks of the posts in that forum, the pack is really worth it.


Oh, it’s been more than a year since I downloaded it, didn’t realize it wasn’t up anymore. Waiting for it to compress so I can upload it, and it’s going kind of slow and I have to run to work soon. If it doesn’t finish before I have to leave I’ll upload it when I get back in around 6 hours. Contains 1,666 files, which is only fitting for a metal drum pack.

@vV Good call.

edit: Linky Link

Thank you very much :)

Wow, didn’t noticed this after Speedwell’s reply!

Erkan’s various cymbals also seem really good, just be sure not to sell anything made with per the Read Me license agreement. They also need to be processed a bit, but they have like 20 velocity layers.