Xrnm Midi Template Tied To Each Saved Song?

I’m not sure if this is a bug or not but I noticed that Renoise 2.5 does not remember the loaded xrnm midi template file once you start a new song. Also it appears that I have to save a song after loading a xrnm midi template for it to be loaded the next time I load that song.

Is this by design? Seems a bit inconvenient to have to load a midi template for every new song.

What if you would load your xrnm template and then do a “save” template song in the “song properties” tab to save your xrnm template along?

Yeah, saving a Template Song does the trick. Thanks vV. Where does the song template get saved by the way?

So I guess this is by design then, so that one has the flexibility of having different midi template per song or as part of a song template for all songs?

I don’t really understand this… After I’ve set all my midimappings on the tracks DSP-sliders, save the song and try to save the midimappings, it claims it doesn’t have any “general” midimappings and refuses to save the file. Would be REALLY GOOD if stuff like this would either get saved with the song or autosaved with the song, so you didn’t have to redo all the mappings on the sliders each time…

edit: and while fiddeling with this again, it seems like it now magically works? i don’t get it… oh well :)

On Windows?
C:\Documents and Settings\vvoois\Application Data\Renoise\V2.5.0\TemplateSong.Xrns

Not that this file only exists if you have saved it once. If there is none, Renoise will always use its own internal default.