Xrns Available: Winter

Well, a new song. A result of my boredom the last weekend. I somehow can’t make myself work on it more, so I’m releasing it as it is. I hope it’s nice.

The main idea was to make a 100% tracked song, with no VSTs and using only Renoise internal DSP.

More info in the xrns comment:


Write whether you like it.

Great track. I like these multi-part tracks. Very nice pads and melodies. It’s been below -30C around for weeks, so, the track is topical :)

I hate your track because it reminds me, how much I have to improve to call myself a good tracker-wizard. Overall a very cool production and a nice demo to show what is possible with renoise and some well-placed effects.

The melody is quite cool (in all parts) and the mixing is really great. I love this piece.

Thanks for all your kind words :).

Marc Shake: Actually I’m no tracker wizard. It-Alien, Keith303 and quite a few other Renoisers can kick my butt anytime. They’re the ones to learn from.

However, my tracking comes straight from Necros/FM, who’s always been my master and god.

Uhm… The who?

thanks DDSpeed for your words in the song text: I’m very pleased that you have felt inspired to try to produce an XRNS file to share with us.

the more we release XRNS files, the more tracker wisdom will be shared among us, so well done!

And very interesting song, even on the technique side you have really improved :yeah:

PS: the OGG author tag says “Denis”; I would change it to DDSpeed to be consistent with your other releases. I’ve done so to promote you on Last.fm

Heh, the thing is, after about 9 years of using the nickname DDspeed for everything (it started from playing Need for Speed, hence the “speed” part) I got bored with it and decided to use my real first name. So I’ll be using it consistently from now on.

This could be also a good candidate for the included demo tracks, if the size could be optimized. I really like this one and especially the second part caught my attention. Good work!

Well, the size comes from a large amount of relatively long samples. I guess encoding the samples with vorbis would reduce the size significantly, but I don’t know how to do it.

EDIT: BeatsLaughter made a nice optimized ogg-encoded version of the song. Here it is: http://ddspeed.untergrund.net/Winter-ogg.xrns

very nice and gentle arrangement, which i like a lot.

indeed. absolutely feel the same when concentrating on the basics and the music itself only, rather than technological gadgets.

the whole tune sums up to a very solid and well executed tracked piece of demostyle - splendid work denis!

ps. absolutely love the break + lead at pos.09 - pure oldschool, which was a good school :)

Awesome to hear that you like it. Especially since your RotU song was my main inspiration for writing this one!. Glad you liked it.

This song was one of the reasons I decided to buy Renoise. I was amazed that you could download the demo, then download additional xrns files and view the entire project.

Great track, and I agree it should be added to the demo files.



Well, if a potential Renoise e-mag/blog happens a dynamic feature could be a round-up of exemplary xrns files. Having the spotlight on them may encourage more people to release in xrns format = more impetus to use ninja-tracking skills.

btw, Nice choon! I really like the second break, with the pad build. Good oldschool melody with the new world of atmosphere. However, there’s a bit too much bass. I’d roll off things more for any further releases.

Yeah this is good.

The middle goes on for too long IMO (ignore me!) but apart from that it is ace.

I played it to my girlfriend and she liked it too. She is a good control for all this stuff, as she has absolutely no interest in anything geeky (Louis Vitton and Channel being her vice, much to my dismay). So if she likes it, not only is it well tracked but it is also good music

Thanks :). I must say I would never imagine that this song will get such good opinions, as I was not overly happy with it.

About the bass: mixing of this track was done on VERY crappy speakers, which I haven’t used for a lot of time, so I’m not used to them yet. Besides, I’m constantly shifting the subwoofer knob so there’s no way I can make decent mixes here. I’ll return to my AIWA hifi for vacations when I come back home and then I’ll mix the track properly, as I know the AIWAs inside out.

heh, ur a tricky bastard ( no offense tho ), after listening the first patterns i thought ‘wtf why all the ppls writing its a nice song’, but after some more patterns i swapped my mind and i’m now saying the same :blink:

dude amazing tune, gz for it !

2 thumbs up !

We need more open source!

Well, great stuff! From the start to the end a really good track. Loving the Bells, that demo-stylish saw synth which fades in at 1:20 sounds outstanding and your pads are just yummy :)
About the bass (your basslines rock too btw.), itself its fine… maybe a bit more quiet, low freqs a bit decreased and instead boost the mids a little… well, maybe haven´t heard the track on monitors yet but it could fit I think.

after listening to your track I feel like I should spit out some raw rns too again :blink:

DO it! I think it’s really worth releasing more XRNS, it does great for the community, and is much more fun to speak pattern numbers than time :).


I made this in 4 minutes.

WTF? O_o

Quite a change in the overall atmosphere :P