Xrns Competition Announcements & Community Collaborations

Based on BYTE-Smasher’s suggestion, I took the initiative and created this forum category.

I believe it’s a good suggestion. It showcases the DIY spirit of the Renoise community.

We may have our disagreements, but we all enjoy tracking, and compos are all in good fun.

No one said you couldn’t organize your own competitions. All it takes is some initiative, and maybe a few cool prizes. Oh, and it might help if you don’t hold your competition at the same time as someone else’s. Self-governed, with balance and respect, is the key here.

Good times!

PS: Private Message me with past competition threads so I can move them here.

I really love this!!
Compo’s are great when you don’t have any inspiration but you just want to make SOMETHING…
Best idea evah!

that was very good idea, my congrats ;)

As I’ve stated in another thread, one hour compos will be starting soon in #renoise on irc.esper.net … come join the channel for some good fun :)

Thanks for this section, I’ll check it regularly.

I finally won’t need to browse the whole forum to be aware of the competitions.

Just moved the rest of the past competitions to this forum. Now everything compo related should be here. Could not find a thread for the first beatbattle though. Can anyone else?

Add me.

Hello Punks/She-punks,
Can anyone tell me when the next Beatbattle is on, and where i can find out in the future? I wanna get my wriggle on and win something :yeah:

o.k,the beatbatlle, if going by the the last one, might be starting in may.

Wee bit of anal retention here:
I think any compo thread titles should include start/finish date if applicable.

How about making some kind of rule that the compo deadline be posted in the subtitle? There are so many, it is hard to keep up with which one is current. (I haven’t checked here in a while).

Either that or the current ones could be stickied, and then unstickied when the voting is over. But that may be too much maintenance for someone …

Whatcha think?

I’d be happy to do it but I can’t edit the title of my original post. :(

+1 For making current comps stickys .