Xrns File Association Lost

Renoise has for some reason lost the file association for xrns file. I know how this is usually set but it refuses to take it through the usual Windows method of doing so. Have gone into Folder Options - File Types and fully deleted the file then tried again no joy. When I browse to the Renoise folder and try and use Renoise.exe it does not add to the list. Other programs do and I have now added a couple of junk files (such as the Renoise uninstaller) making sure Windows was at least letting me change file associations to other program files that are not in the list and that works just fine.

Any ideas what may of caused this and how to cure it?

Maybe you need to do some registry editing to cure it…

Move to
HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Extended Renoise Song\Shell\Open\Command
and check if the key says something like
“C:\Program Files\Renoise 2.5.1\Renoise.exe” “%1” (with "!)

Also check the default key in:
It should say “Extended Renoise Song” (this time without the "s!)

But as always: be careful while effin around with the registry… ^_^

I recently uninstalled some old version of Renoise, while having a newer version installed - and this caused the uninstaller to unregister all Renoise filetypes, and clear my personal settings (keyboard shortcuts etc.). Be warned!!

That’s the most probable scenario, i guess. So a “repair installation” of renoise should do the trick, too…

This should never happen - I doubt this was the problem. The installer does not touch any of “your” preferences files. It only takes care about installing the stuff to the “Program Files” folder and doing the file associations.

Uninstall, install again should do for now as well, but something like a (re)register file types for sure does not hurt to have.

Uninstall and reinstall did the trick. Don’t know why I was trying to avoid doing that in the first place. Probably because I was tired and at work at gone 3am…

Seems weird though. Although I did notice I have a Renoise 2.1 program folder but it doesn’t seem to have Renoise in it so I must of uninstalled it at some point so could be related…