.xrns Project Upload - The Night Train

Simply Titled The Night Train :- , Twin Peaks With Bird Noises All Day And Night

Here is the .XRNS


The Night Train.xrns (192.2 KB)

oooooooofffffhhhhhhh so artistic

wave a flag robot

Forget to switch to an alt account before commenting? Honestly giving off heavy Kanye West vibes with your posts mate - please seek help.

Edit: gave it a listen, didn’t expect a lot and it delivered even less. Its ok to not be good, without the “faux hostile”, “lol at my irony” posting mate. Either practise more and improve, or just enjoy the hobby without pressuring yourself to “release” or share anything. Its ok.


eh ? that project i found is way better than any of kanye west’s tracks, and i only uploaded it because… as i was playing through some old projects i found @scene.org, and was watching x-files and this track which i was about to throw in the bin, fell just right with this footage from x-files, so , was so weird thought id share the strange encounter, didt not expect a comparison of trash though, thanks for the comment i guess the post was worthy of something more than the stream cross.

hence the ooooofffffhhhh sooooo artistic :joy:

woooooop wooooooo

I was wondering why couldn’t see the original post, then I remembered: “ignore” and “mute” work great :slight_smile:


ahhh you’re making progress then :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

here is an xrns,